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Darren                     Founder / sensitive and lead investigator

I Started investigating in 1981, I have done all the main line places and private homes / offices etc, I were born a sensitive ( I hate the term medium ) and believe I have a gift I enjoy sharing with others, I founded SCG in 2007 to allow others to join me on investigations and to help others as well.

I also work with other well know and little known teams around the UK and are called to help them from time to time as a trusted sensitive and have built up a reputation with other groups of accuracy and honesty.

Angela                     Investigator / developing sensitive

 I Joined SCG in 2012 and I have been investigating ever since, whilst we have managed to debunk many things we still manage to find things with no reasonable explanation for the event, I enjoy each and every location and developing my skills, I have worked at many locations and have attended them with famous people as well and continue my search for the paranormal.

Charles                   Investigator / Developing sensitive / Evidence collector

The reason I became involved was due to my ongoing levels of sensitive feelings of the paranormal, I am also an author and write my own mainstream novels which are published ( Charles F Bond on amazon ) I enjoy investigating and collecting the evidence afterwards and writtng it all down as a report.

Daniel                   No Longer part of this team, Membership revoked.

Barry                     No Longer part of this team, Membership revoked.

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