In the world we live in we are  all likely to live on grounds previously inhabited by our forfarthers and for this reason we often have reports of strange events happening right under our noses, this could be very simple things such as a certain sound at a certain time of day ( not everything happens at night ! ) right up to actually seeing a shadow or even more, if this is the case please do not be alarmed as there are many different energy's for many different reasons and most are not there to harm you, in actual fact if this is the case then you should be more scared of your microwave oven and the levels of energy or EMF that it emits during its cooking cycle ! think of this, the energy's that may be causing things to happen have been around for many many years before you and I and will continue to do so after we are long gone, in either case you are reading this unharmed so please relax safe in the knoladge that no harm will come from it.

If you live in a haunted house or know of a haunted location let us know by filling out the form below.

Private Paranormal investigations Uk

Here you will find a list of some of the private investigations that we carry out for normal people living in normal homes, people that may be like you, people that often wonder if they do in fact live in a haunted property ? if this is the case then please contact us and we will endevour to help you reach a conclusion, all of our investigations are carried out with the uptmost respect for you and the spirit energys.

Do you ever lose your keys for no reason ?

Wonder what that noise was during the night ?

Ever feel a cold spot in your room ?