So you are thinking of doing a paranormal investigation but you have never been on one before ?

Well weather you are already booked or not we may be able to answer some of those questions going through your mind !

Will I see  a Ghost ?......if you are lucky enough yes ! full body apperitions do not come around that often, its all to do with the frequenzy that we and they are on, the chances are that if you are a novice whilst you may see a shaddow or the kind you are unfortunately not going to have one jump out at you.

Will I get scared ?..........Will you ! well thats a hard one but if the group is a good one then before the investigation starts they should be able to calm the group down and explain what is going to happen so you should be calm

Will lots of things be happening...again if you are lucky yes ! however this is not often the case and we can wait for ages to hear the faintest of noises....its not like on TV !

How do I know if the group are good ? ask questions, how long have you been going ? what research have they done ? what protection do they have ? did they learn from a book ! did they decide to just set up and go face dark paranormal figures with no protection ? there are alot of ametuer groups out there, they have no protection and are blind to what they are doing, they take others and the money and expose these people to forces that in all honesty they have no idea about, they fake stuff and when it comes to an ouija board for instance this can be dangerous ! thats why you hear these horror storys as it is groups like these that give the board a bad name, to use a board you need a spirit connection and a strong one, you need to be in control, these newbies if you like read a book maybe did an online course with a place that saw a money making opertunity from a gulible person, gave them a diploma in the paranormal making them feel good and now think they are an authority in the paranormal, they then go out think they are bet5ter than everyone else and get caught out sooner or later, fact is there is no real diploma in ghosts, no ghost has ever written a course or a book and the only way we can ever learn is bya connected person.

Beware of these groups.

Other groups/teams

Here you will find many questions as to other groups and what you have been asking in your mind, if you are thinking of attending or going to an event not organized by us.