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To Apply simply fill out the form below and submit it and I will take care of the rest, it should take less than 10 minutes and if you are like us then we will shortly afterwards welcome you to our world of para unity, please remember that this is a new venture and relies on you and others alike to join us and fly the flag on your webpage and or facebook pages, please invite your friends to come and join us also as we welcome more as this will give us all a wider choice and more insights into this paranormal world.

​It's a British thing  !

In 1999 there were 150 ametuer ghost hunting groups in the UK, today there are in excess of 2500 growing every day, whilst some of these are genuine knowlagable groups we are sure that you are aware that some are simply set up by people who are unaware of the risks involved with this kind of investigation work and even worse take paying and unsuspecting members of the public along with them,  often there is no protection and after the exposure there is no one capable of removing anything harmful to the individiuel, this can have bad results and can be dangerous, we are not here to judge or rule but help and give advise and hopefully together eradicate some of this.

We have been investigating the unknown not since 1999 but well before, in fact ever since 1983 the owner has been investigating the unknown and has since been an active member of many teams up and down the country investigating many haunted locations both to prove or dispell any hauntings alike.

Today we want to help and advise where needed any area or aspect of the paranormal world and welcome any questions you may have.

We do not give and do not expect critisicsum and only wish for friendship and unity in the field.

If you wish to become involved or to follow us or maybe have us verify your group then please contact us at soon as possible where we will be happy to help and verify you.

Please fill out the form below.

The purpose of this affiliation programme is to introduce some credability to the paranormal investigations industry, weather you are a non profit hobbyist right up to a full blown national company we believe we can be of assistance to you in one way or another, there is no cost involved in becoming verified or affiliated and no data is used for marketing purposes ever therefore what have you got to loose ! 

We can assist you in events and information of places visited by ourselves and other groups and as we have been investigating for over 35 years we believe that our expertise will help your group or company grow and develop along with being more credible flying the GBG logo on your website, in actual fact the main reason w have formed is so that groups like ourselves and others can come together in para unity and share our knowladge with others, we also venue share and arrange  group bookings, this point is an important one as with the ever increasing cost of booking venues it has since priced out a lot o smaller groups to the market place, such as a group of say 5 trying to book a £500 a night venue alone makes it a very costly hobby after adding traveling on top of this it can make a venue cost each person  in that group paying out in excess of £140 each for a nights investigation which can make it to costly for a lot of us, in this situation if we are able to build a data base of credible organisations around the UK that are wanting to carry out investigations at these sites then it would be possible to book as a joint investigation ie that group of 5 with another group of say 10 even sharing travel costs etc bringing down the overall costs to make it affordable for all to attend, take somewhere like a mansion of a well known haunted location with a hire cost of £500, we know its good and we would like to go but split 4 ways can we do it ? now lets take this same location with a group of say 15, the cost split between the 15 brings it down to £33 each............could you afford to miss it !

On the other hand you may have enough team members for an event to be cost effictive great ! but it would be nice to have some prior info, ie is it any good ? would it be worth traveling to ? 

Remember we are a non profit making company we do this because we care about our work and others and above all believe in paranormal unity, we all do the same thing so lets help each other to do it while showing that we are all credible at the same time.

Thanks for taking time to read and we would love to have you in our network as part of Great British Ghosts.