Fort Widley 21/07/2017

Knowlton Church 19/07/2017

​Haunted places UK

The Village 11/07/2017

Please note that the site is an on going project and we are constantly carrying out investigations, viewing, validating and uploading images is time consuming and therefore at times you may see blank boxes etc etc, please bear with us while we update the site and check back soon. DG.

Yesterdays World, Battle.

​22nd of November 2014


Gallery Pictures

Our vision is to share the images that we have captured through our time, as years go on it is so easy to capture pictures, now days our phones have the quality of a pro camera 30 years ago and we carry them everywhere therefore we are able to have the tech right in our pockets wherever we go, no tricks or editors have been used to false the pictures they are all taken by us and posted as at, please feel free to submit your own photographs which will be viewed and if genuine will be posted here.

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