After a break and a few cups of tea ! we headed back up stairs, this time to the center room which was dark and cold, this is called the mask room and has all kinds of old masks around it, after a while the atmospeare became very heavy indeed and whilst cold I felt very warm and the floor began to wobble with me loosing my balance at times and the overall feeling of being drunk, some called out when thee were no need as they had again joined us in the room, besides me were the large make figure and 2 others to the side, I could see them quite clearly in here although it were dark, we at once heard a sound in the adjoining room where a couple of us went to investigate but no one were there so we returned back into the mask room, the room was getting very heavy at this stage and the large male figure was getting very angry with me being there still.

Angela were holding on to my arm at this stage and was shaking, she then began to cry and was filled with emotion, after a short time it was decided that she were better off out of this room so she was taken out and I re-entered where the force and energy were building up very strong, some of the group did not feel this or were turning a blind eye and as there were alot of newbies in there I did have some concerns to what were going to happen next, I tried using my energy  as protection which seemed to work as while a couple of others felt uneasy this manifested in them to start as crying but when I used my energy they started to laugh, by doing this the large male grew even more angry at me and came and stood right next to me looking strait at me and waving his stick shouting and screaming which I just ignored, I am at this stage convinced that he was a very dominant figure in this house with a strong connection with bad doing here, I have not figured it out yet but I am trying to do so, I am being blocked by 2 dark enterties not of human form which I feel I should be afraid of but refuse to be, these I am sure have never lived and have somehow been drawn into the house by will,  the group then decided to try scratching, this is where you take turns sitting in front of a mirror looking at it and holding a torch under your chin to see if another face will come through, I have seen this many times before and have had some good results but I would urge anyone who does this to ensure that at least one of the group knows what they are doing and use protection as this can lead to the person being "taken over "

In approx 30 seconds we had results, a woman's face came through on a male sat in front of the mirror! you could see her dress and smile in fact everything shoulders up, very quick result pointing to a very strong energy, at this point I had moved my position and the large male now stood over my right shoulder wanting to show himself...........which he did on the male sat in front of the mirror ! the face instantly changed from female to male, it became wide and stout with heavy eyes and a miserable angry look, I could actually feel him jump into this person sat in front of the mirror as if he could do as he wanted to at will, I am pleased at this stage that the group decided to change the person sat in front of the mirror and relief on my side as the male no longer had a way to come through as the chain had been broken, after this a few people sat and a few images came through mostly female of different eras that had worked there some in the kitchen and some as maids, I began to get the feeling that there had been some semi kind of wealth at the property at some time with money coming in via a buisness type venture, possibly via paper however this were a cover up for something else I could not pin yet.

After this session we returned to the main room to rejoin the other 2 groups and discuss the finding so far, I asked Angela what she had felt and why she has shaken and been crying had she been upset etc and her response was no ! she had felt warm and a little over come but she did not understand why she had been crying as she was not upset in any way she just did not want to be there, another way she said she could explain this were as if she had been cutting onions and them making you cry ! this would further confirm my feelings and reasons for this and my explanation for this would be linked to Stuart collapsing in the previous room and it being due to the large now known to be dominant energy that had been following me around and angry with me for being here and not being able to scare me or control me in anyway.

Part 3

After a coffee and a snack with the time now close to 11.30 pm we headed back upstairs to the seance room, we entered this room being warm and heavy again but it soon turned cold  deathly cold in fact, now bearing in mind that we are in a group of approx 18-20 people in a room of about 20 X 20 feet in size, with the body heat being given off you might expect a cold room to become warm however this was the other way around, we sat around the table and some of the groups mediums called out, I were aware of several spirits in the room, no dark ones at this stage and no large male, behind my left shoulder were a male slim build and approx 5'3" tall wearing a dark robe type garment, he wore a hat which to was dark and was more like a Dickens character in era, he was wandering around me now and controling the others in the room, I saw one leave as he walked around the table, a few of the other people in the room saw shadows crossing the room and felt cold spots, this figure was now walking around he large table we were sat at looking at people, he recognized some of the GCUK team but was not fond of them being in his governors house, it was as if he did not want his secrets being found out at which I became enquizative about, I began to zero in on him and he began to move fast, he came towards me and the only words that would come out my mouth were " pervert " " F Off " this sent him back into the shadows of the light coming in through the window, back into his little corner where he belonged, this was a gutless figure of a man, someone who had no power of his own and only what was given to him by others mainly being the large male who would have been his boss allowing him to do some of what he pleased whilst he was in the living, I could feel that others would of had to have respected him due to him being in the protection or employed role of the dark figure, he would have done some of the "dirty" works for financial and personal gains given to him by the large male and now I am building up images in my head of the kind of things that would be involved with this, at this point I were a little suprised by one of the mediums sat the other side of the table for being a little upset at me for what I had said to this spirit saying    "what makes you say that ? you don't know that and you should not say it " .........but I do know that and they were the first things that came to me about him when he came towards me, I also know that he did not want people to know his dark side and had often come across in previous sessions to these mediums and spoken to them pretending to be there friend answering questions and misleading them just like he had in his time in the living and this being on behalf of the large male that up until now had been following me but was not at this stage present with us, I figured out that he was there to try and throw me off the scent of what I had been tracking through the night, I then felt the dark energys come in above us and saw them circling above us above the table like dark sheets hovering, always on the move, I then saw a cat, this cat was now being held up above the table by a male by its tale by  a male and he had a sharp knife in his left hand, the cat is tortoise shell and female, it lived in the kitchen and back yard and use to catch mice there, I can see this as a residule energy and I can now see that this room had been used for sacrifice and practices of the dark arts, this is not a friendly place and there is deffinately no love in this room, I can also see other goings on in here to human beings that I chose not to go much deeper but can assure anybody that lives were taken in this room and this is where the dark energys were brought into the house that now reside here and are trapped, they also have no desire to leave the property, in the mask room I felt 2 of these however now I am seeing 3 of them, make no mistake they are there.

A point I would like to make here is every investigation that I do and have ever done I always take a double check on my feelings as to be sure and accurate of what I take in, I always do this as so I am sure of the goings on.

At this stage I am feeling a little drained and can now feel the spirits of other people and animals in the room, these mean no harm and have been released around us by the house as now I believe that the secrets of this room are out and that these soles are in some way happy, it is now past 12.30 and time for a break.

We arrived at 35 Stonegate around 7.50 pm, the property is of a terraced style and the front was presently being used as a shop, we entered the shop where we were ushered through to the next room which has a medium to large fire place and a door to front and rear, the room were almost full with people along with our hosts GCUK and the two stars from most haunted, I almost immediately became aware of a large stout figure of a man in spirit  dressed in a robe like costume holding a cane looking strait towards me with a frown on his face not looking very happy with me, I alerted Angela of him being there where she were a little supriesd at me picking him out so quickly, to be honest so were I ! at this point he started banging his left fist onto the top of the mantle piece, he looked strait at me and said " and what are you doing here " he directed this at me he came a little forwards then went back, we spent around 25 minutes in this room to begin with and he stayed there all the time.

A joining of hands and a spell of protection was then given of which I did not give my conscent to as I want to feel and see as much as I can and sometimes feel that this may shroud me in some kind of way.

We were then parted into 3 groups and given at least 2 team members to escort us on our investigations throughout the night, our team, team 2 started in the dinning room on the first floor to the front of the property.

We entered a large room with a table sat in the center, I became aware that this were not a table that had been placed here for so long more a replacement table, the group were ushered around the table, some standing some sat, myself and Angela remained standing to begin with, it was at this stage that the board were placed on the table and one of there team took control whilst other newbies were allowed to participate, I have my own ideas surrounding this that I shall at this time keep to myself, after some time and no action I were invited to try, I instantly knew that this would not work with me as the spirit I had seen downstairs were there and was blocking me from the others there almost being afraid of me, at this point I might say that this spirit is not to be underestimated in any way, it is strong and controlling and seems to mean harm, this is a spirit of force and is more dark than light, I am stronger............I hope ! I do not fear him like some others sat around me do as I can feel there fear.

I again stood up and took place next to Angela and Stuart, the room were cold to begin with but was not generating heat........but only on one side, the other side people were reporting to be freezing, I walked over and the warmth followed me, I went back to where I began and everyone around me said how warm it were, I made no comment.

At this stage Angela left the room feeling unwell, she had been standing right besides me and the other Stuart, I stayed and after another 20 or so minutes Stuart were overcome by the power and fell over hitting a chair with his head as he did so, we gathered round and lifted him onto a chair where after 50-60 seconds he could stand and was taken out of the room, the group then  decided to have a break where we returned to the main room of the house.

As you can see we stand out like saw thumbs as ghost hunters ( not! )

After this enjoyable visit we decided to head back to the car for a bit of a break, we had been on the go for over 14 hrs already and still had the investigation to do until 3 am in the morning, we headed back to the car and had some rest and then continued later.

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This page is reports of previous investigations and is under on going construction, it is very difficult writing everything down with time and effort etc so please bear this in mind and check back later as it will be updated asap.

This page also contains raw descriptions of our investigations and is as sometimes quite graphic accounts of our investigations, as with everything on this site it is true and not played up and not played down therefore reader discretion is advised as these are true events and may upset some people, if you get to any point and feel you have had enough of that event then please move on to the next one.


Past events 25 Stonegate York Paranormal investigators group

35 Stonegate York, Most Haunted crew.

Darren and Angela, SCG investigation with GCUK and most haunted

Myself and Angela had the pleasure of joining most haunted's Karl Beatie and Stuart Torvell at this event and had a superb evening,

We traveled up in the early hours as to miss the worst of the traffic and spend some time in York, we arrived approx 7.30am and headed strait to the nearest Weatherspoons for breakfast !

Whilst we were here we planned our day ahead with a little relaxing before heading off into the city, we also took Shadow with us and after breakfast collected her from the car and took a walk into town, York is a facinating city with lots of small side streets, market and side shows to keep you entertained during the day, as we walked round we again took in the marvelous buildings and history along our walks, walking past the Minster is awsome and when you stand there looking and realise it took over 250 years and 8 generations of tradesmen passing there tools down to there sons then there sons and so on how brilliant this building is, if you visit York it is well worth a visit and a tour inside, it is said that a ghost haunts the steps of the minster appearing from time to time, one account of this was a young lady waiting for her partner to pick her up, whilst waiting besides the steps she became aware of someone looking at her, she turned around to see a smart dressed gentleman wearing a top hat and long coat standing at the foot of the steps, where he had appeared from she did not know as only a few seconds before she had been standing alone with the area deserted, she had mearley looked down at her watch to check the time before looking up again where he appeared,                 he looked at her and said,

" do ya like it "

she answered " do I like what ? "

  " the minster" he replied      

" yes, its very nice " she said softly whilst trying not to engage to much with this figure that had just appeared, he again spoke

" I built that ya know lass "

she replied " o really, nice "

at this stage thinking that she had just come across some kind of deluded person she turned to walk away before trying to gain one more look at him and to see that he was not following her, as she turned she watched him vanish in to thin air.

Could this be the ghost of one of the builders ? could he be so proud of his creation that he comes back to let people know of his work ?

One thing is for sure, there have been countless sightings of this gentleman all consistant and all by seperate people.

After spending a few hours getting lost around the back streets and looking in some of Yorks interesting shops we headed to the dungeons ! we did the tour and even had a picture of ourselves done whilst there as we enjoyed it so much !