Founder of South Coast Ghosts

As a time served paranormal of over 30 years I have visited many haunted locations around the UK and beyond, I have witnessed many paranormal events in my time and continue to research this in many ways.

I take a hands on aprouch to the paranormal and each and every time start a fresh, I am the first to de-bunk in any way I can but my continued research with some modern day equipment proves that there is indeed an afterlife.

I am more than happy to pass on my skills and to teach others who wish to learn the secncs that I have amassed through the years as well as share the stories and insights that I have gained.

I have appeared along side televisions Carl Beatie and Stuart Torvell on events and are linked to them by friendship, I am an active member of other groups and have attend many events with the and will continue to do so.

Please ask if there is any area I can help you on and also any event or site that you might have in mind.