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​I am now a fully trained Hypnotist and am looking at regreshion as part of my studies.

Due to personal commitments I have been unable to attend many events at late or keep my diary, sorry to everyone who follows this page I will be doing more very soon.

However the house I am living in has become very active and now have pictures turning sideways which is a sign of poltergised activity.

As a respected investigation company we have links in and around the UK, we have access to haunted locations and also exclusive locations which we sometimes share along with other groups, this is one good point with ourselves and the fact that we have affiliations with other paranormal investigation teams around the UK, to the south we have Sussex Paranormal Society of whom two of us are core members and carry out many investigations with as lead players in most investigations.

We are also joint with Sussex paranormal socioty and work closley together.

We feel these bonds are very important to the growth of our companys and enjoy the relashionships a great deal, this also means that we are able to cater for a wider range of events both hosted by ourselves and co-hosted..

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     Important Update ;

We are NOT part of haunted Britan Productions and any members in that group that say they are part of us are acting fraudulently, we will not be held responsible for the actions taken by them and have no affiliance to them at all.

Please be aware of this when booking with them or taking any bookings.

Past life regresion workshops

Waverley Abbey


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Co-ordinator for SCG

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Have you seen the film "When the lights went out"  based on true events, we will be staying the night of the 28th of August at the house which it is based on and it all happened....and still does !

Next event Fort Amhurst

Established in 2007 South Coast Ghosts has been doing

Investigations ever since at locations across the UK and beyond.

We are the genuine No.1 South coast located paranormal investigation and events company, I myself have over 37 years expertise in the paranormal world.

The rich expertise of the founder of the group ensures that you are promised a professional day/evening with us.

We do hope that you will join us for an unforgettable paranormal time.

Please note that we are a non-profit making group and do this only for our own investigations and others, certain places require a cost from the owner/trusties to visit and this is out of our control so in cases we are unable to always offer a cost free investigation.

Please feel free to browse through the pages and contact us for any support that you may require.

Ghost's, or spirit's were first reported by man long before the birth of Christ and reports from early years ago.

Through centuries of investigations and events we today can be sure that something does in fact exist in the afterlife however we are still keen to seek the truth and its existence.

We do not use any special effects or change any photographs that we post, we only share real life footage.

Do you have a stories to share ?

If so please use the contact us link to tell us about it and we will contact you soon.